handling hand‧ling [ˈhændlɪŋ] noun [uncountable]
1. the way in which a problem, situation, or person is dealt with:

• He is charged with securities fraud in the handling of his clients' accounts.

• Inept handling of sackings is bad not just for those dismissed but for the employer as well.

2. when goods etc are moved from one place to another:

• The environmental unit deals with waste handling and clean-up.

ˈcargo ˌhandling
the activity of moving cargo onto and off ships, planes, or trucks:

• The Port of Belfast can offer its customers the most up-to-date, cost effective cargo handling facilities.

maˈterials ˌhandling
the movement of materials within the same factory, or from one factory to another:

• Materials handling is already commonly performed by robots in the manufacturing industry.

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handling UK US /ˈhændlɪŋ/ noun [U]
COMMERCE, TRANSPORT the act or cost of moving, storing, or packaging goods: »

The company is able sell its wares for 30% less by cutting out the layers of middlemen who each tack on a charge for handling.


U.S. industry contends that segregating biotech from conventional varieties of crops would raise handling costs.

the process of dealing with a situation, especially a difficult situation: the handling of sth »

His handling of economic policy has been especially bad.


careful/skillful handling

the act of moving, storing, or organizing information: »

The inspector general's report focuses on the FBI's handling of information.

See also CARGO-HANDLING(Cf. ↑cargo-handling), MANUAL HANDLING(Cf. ↑manual handling), MATERIALS HANDLING(Cf. ↑materials handling), SHIPPING AND HANDLING(Cf. ↑shipping and handling)

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